Textbook here, Textbook there!

Remember this post from a while back about the genius creators over at Campus Book Rentals?  Well they have struck again!!
Thanksgiving is over, and it’s the perfect time to sign up for Winter classes at college…get in those extra few credits you can because with the rising cost of tuition these days such a large percentage of college students have to sacrifice classes for cash who wouldn’t want to graduate a little early?
With the  Campus Book Rentals website the one thing you will not have to sacrafice for your winter semester at college is your time in the bookstore! 
 By visiting this site and taking advantage of their amazing prices and deals it will save you
 time AND money!
Forget those long bookstore lines, or having to leave the comfort and coziness of your apartment-you now have access to a plethora of college text books via this website!
And when the semester is over and you’re finished with the textbook take advantage of their
I sure wish someone had thought of this website when I was in college!
With a few clicks of your mouse you can have all of your text books shipped directly to you-for FREE!
Campus Book Rentals offers
  •  HUGE discounts (40-90% off bookstore prices
  • RETURN shipping labels are included with each order as well!
Plus for those last minute emergencies or forgetfulness they offer an extremely flexible return policy because they know how hectic college life can be!
It cannot get any easier or more convenient for you!!
Below is a little video below explaining the ins and out of their services they offer, and a BONUS about this company is they donate a portion of each text book rented to Operation Smile!
See you’re doing well for yourself and for someone else…
now that’s what I call a win-win!
Happy Holiday and Happy renting 🙂

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored, however all opinions are my own.


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