My Season

We all have different seasons of life we go through.
Just as there are four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall
as people our minds and bodies go through different seasons too.
We go through changes, we grow, and we stumble along life’s way.
This particular season I have been in and am still going through has been a challenge.
I haven’t made time for things that make me genuinely happy.
I haven’t blogged, I haven’t sewn or crafted.
I’ve been bitter, and cynical.
I’ve made poor choices, I’ve been selfish, and withdrawn from my relationships.
I haven’t made an effort to keep up with my in real life relationships.
I’ve gossiped, I’ve been emotional, I’ve been hasty and shown malice toward others.
I haven’t been supportive, I’ve been hot tempered and quick to react.
I ‘ve been judgmental, and I’ve been overwhelmed.
I haven’t put God and my faith first.
I haven’t been listening for God’s voice and seeing the path He wants me to walk.
I’ve been making my own rules and walking my own path.
I texted a friend the other day and she set me straight.
I am so thankful for this friend 🙂
She reminded me that this was completely normal, and that it was just the season I was going through.
My season is: Emotions!
And boy is it a tough one.  I’m wiped out!  I’m exhausted!
Just because we are having a particularly rough season doesn’t mean that season has to define us.
It just means we have to pray harder to be shown the lesson of the season we are enduring.
To make it through to the other side.
There’s always a lesson, always a greater purpose.
His purpose.
This friend recently told me that, “my relationship with Jesus is personal and that I don’t need a particular Pastor or mentor to lead me, only Jesus!”
How true!!
I’ve been feeling particularly down and out of place since our wonderful Pastor moved back in July.
I do not do well with change-of any kind…but I had to remember…
 My faith is not based on the teachings and lessons of our Pastor, of course hearing those great sermons every week is an added bonus, but they are not what solidify my relationship with Jesus.
I am what solidifies my relationship with Jesus.
These past few months and weeks have been a pretty dark place for me.
A place I’m ready to move away far, far away from.
I am ready to come out of the dark and step into the light.
I need to remind myself that I am a child of God.
I am redeemed, I am fogiven.
Each day is a new day.
Each day his mercies abound.
Each day I am given a new chance, a new oppourtunity to make the most of my life.
To live my life to honor Him and His works.
“Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven” Matthew 5:16
My light has finally been re-lit.
I am ready to move onto the next season of my life 🙂

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