Well folks it is that time of year.
You know the time where the weather can’t decide if it wants to be warm or super cold, where your kids argue with you that they want to wear a sweatshirt when they really need to be wearing a coat, and it’s that time of year when all the germs come out!
Part of this come from parents not keeping their children home when they are sick, you know still sending them to school, taking them to the store, etc- but today I will refrain from stepping on that soap box I have stood on many a time before 😉
The sickies as we like to call them in our house have landed and are making themselves quite comfortable.
They sickies bring runny noses, tummy aches, body aches, and fevers.
You know all things yukky!
The sickies also bring sleepless nights for whatever child is sick, and mom and dad too.
I’m thankful for a husband who is willing to take the night shift with our sick kids so I can get a full nights sleep.
He knows just how much I need my sleep!
So far two of our littles have been taken down by these yukky’s and I’m counting down the days until it gets to hubby and I lol.
Does that happen in your house?
Do you and your husband/ significant other end up sick after caring for your sick kids?
Our oldest son is rarely sick, he’s lucky he’s hot a super immune system.
Which means he brings home all the germs to us and never gets sick himself.

What are some special things you let your kids have when they are sick that you otherwise don’t let them have?
I know for us when our kids are sick they can pretty much eat/ drinking anything they want with the exception of candy, sugar, soda, etc.
When they are sick getting them to eat and or drink is such a battle sometimes that if they actually have an appetite and want to have pizza and apple juice for breakfast or pancakes and water for dinner I let them go for it.
Anything to keep them hydrated and get some food into their bellies to give them back some of their energy the sickies are draining from them.
Also Popsicles.
Our kids know they have access to unlimited amounts of Popsicles when they are sick!
I’d love to hear your tips and tricks and what you do when your kids are sick.
Feel free to share!


2 thoughts on “Sickies

  1. Been there with both kids with the flu and both Tom and I following days later.The preschool years were the WORST! I always kept my child home until he or she was better in the preschool and Kindergarden days since I could not understand why you would ship your child out feeling that way. As they got older i certainly would not send them to school with a fever but a cold unfortunately was now on the border line since you get a certain amount of days your allowed.I felt I most of been the only mom back them that thought you should keep your child home when they were sick. As for us sleep was the key with lots of Vicks Vapor rub.. Flat soda was sometimes the only thing they could keep down. I have to say by the time 3rd grade hits its seems your good with the colds hitting as
    often. Parties were actually where we would get the most flu and colds. Especially like Tunnels of Fun which is not around anymore or Chuckie Cheese oh boy we had some real good sickness from that place.. Not saying don;t have fun and put your kid in a bubbly because we didn't we just try to be as rested as possible if a party was coming up. I had my kids in 1987 and 1991 so things might be different lol but thats my output:) Hope you little ones get better soon!


  2. Just came across your blog from LIY and am your newest follower!

    Sorry your kid is sick 😦 My nephew is too. Funny I should stumble across this blog, I just wrote about how to stay healthy 🙂


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