Everyday Thankfulness

I feel like every Novemeber all of the ‘Thankful elves’ come out and remind people to be constantly thankful.
We see all the thankfulness via social media these days, and while that is great I feel like people focus so much on being Thankful during this one time each year they forget to be thankful the rest of the year.
The month of November has so much hype surrounding it with people constantly saying what they are thankful for…obviously because of Thanksgiving.
 I finally sat down this Thanksgiving and tried to see what all the buzz was about this holiday that was marked on a calendar on a specific date. 
My purpose of this post isn’t to be a bahumbug, but rather hopefully stir some ideas inside of you…so keep reading!
Why limit our thankfulness to just one day?
 Why do we put such an emphasis on this one month, why stop there? 
Let’s treat every day as though it’s Thanksgiving.
Why are we purposefully thankful only one month a year, and specifically one day during said month?
 Why is it that we only make our best attempt to get together with our entire family once a year? 
Time is a precious thing we shouldn’t waste!
We all know the goodness we feel once we are together with our family. 
 As we gather around dressed in our Thanksgiving best we enjoy the laughing, the bonding, the game playing and catching up that happen.
These moments are priceless. 
 Wouldn’t it be nice to have those feelings twice a year, once a month, or even once a week?
 I know the hustle and bustle of our lives together with everybody’s location makes it hard to get our entire family’s together- or at least most of our families- more than once a year. 
But what is stopping us from trying, really really trying our darn hardest to gather with family and friends more often?
Instead of only being purposefully thankful once or twice a year,  lets be purposeful everyday. 
Lets make more of an attempt to gather with our friends and loved ones more often. 
Let’s be intentionally thankful every day!
 What do you think?
Maybe you think I’m crazy or taking a “grinch” approach to this holiday but I really just want everyone to be thankful for something every day.
Plain and simple.
Thankfulness all day ‘ery day 😉
 Have you ever sat back and asked yourself why we conform to the calendar holiday of Thanksgiving rather than being blatantly, purposefully, and intentionally thankful every.single.day of our lives? 
Seriously, think about it for a minute…


One thought on “Everyday Thankfulness

  1. Hey Erica! 🙂 I'm a new follower from one of the giveaways! Nice to meet you!
    This is my 2nd time hearing the word intentional this week. Yesterday I heard it in my class and then today I'm reading it on your post. I think it's saying something to me 🙂 Thanks for the reminder.

    I'm over at loveeesarah.blogspot.com if you want to swing by!



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