I recently heard a song that has a lyric, 
“What if the trials of this life are our mercies in disguise?”
This line really struck a chord with me.
It got the wheels a turnin’ and made me think…
How many times have I been through a trial that was hard, rough, and tested me more than I thought I could handle?
The answer: A  LOT!
In my 27 years of life I have probable been through more than most 60 years olds-and that is no joke!
What I used to call “ironic” now has a new meaning.
All of the hidden meanings, answers, and where will I go next’s have been answered by Him….
whether I chose to believe it or not.
Before I found my way I thought it was the universe aligning, or things going my way type of stuff but these days I believe in Him!!
When I thought about it, all the trials I have been through have eventually led me to help others in one way or another.
Whether it was a personal issue someone had never dealt with before, applying for financial aid for school, learning how to potty train their child, figuring out how to rent an apartment or set up their utilities {no matter how big or small} I was finding that I had a lot of experience under my belt in such a short life…
and these experiences were allowing me to help others in ways I never thought possible!
Then one day it hit me-WHAM- like a ton of bricks!
I have been put through all of these trials because now I can help others who are standing where I once stood.
That is an amazing, incredible feeling.
These are my person mercy ministries. 
I can give others the hope that they will get through what it is they are facing, especially when they feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
I can give them tips and tricks to help these trials not be as hard on them as they were on me.
On the opposite side of this it has allowed me to open myself to others and see if they have been through a trial I am facing.
I have become more receptive to any input or advice to help me get through that they may have for me.
And you know what?
Most of the time they have been where I have stood before, and are more than willing to share their experience to help me. 
I think at this point it is no surprise that I like helping others.
I feel like I was born with a servant’s heart.
I can’t help it, it’s something that I really, truly, and genuinely enjoy.
I get such a natural high and good feeling from helping others.
Most days I wish I didn’t have a 40 hour work week because I look forward to the day when I can volunteer all of my time to those in need.
So think about that next time you are going through a trial.
Next time you are being tested stop and think to youself that when you come out on the other side of that trial you will be able to help someone who once stood where you are.
And these trials my friends are His mercies in disguise!

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