The Weekend

Well our weekend was jam packed as is usual these days!
We started with Thanksgiving and having a bunch of family in town.
Our tradition has changed in the past few years due to family additions, workplace changes, etc.
This year we headed down to my aunt’s to spend the holiday with my family.
My parents, and brother and sister started coming down from Massachusetts a few years ago so we were able to enjoy their company.
We haven’t spent Thanksgiving with my family in about 7 years-usually my in-laws get this holiday
Any-who other than a slight mishap of hubby taking my keys with him to work that day the rest of the holiday went off without a hitch.
There was plenty of family, food, and fun.
Oh, and some black Friday shopping too!
This was the first year in quite a few years I accompanied hubby for black Friday shopping and thanks to a certain cousin and my brother we pretty much had family spread throughout the store in all the main spots we needed to hit!
Needless to say we made out well and completely sacrificed the meaning of Thanksgiving in order to get our kids the most with our money this year, HA!
The next day was spent back down with that same family so our kids could enjoy soak up all the time with all their family that we don’t get to see nearly as often as we’d like.
Luckily the weather was phenomenal-like near 60-all weekend so there was lots of time to play outside!
Friday night I had a mini girls night with a dear old girlfriend who I have been through just about everything with…and I mean everything!
It was so refreshing and nice to have a conversation about us, and our lives rather than our jobs, and my kids lol!
I mean I love my kids with every fiber of my being but it was nice to have someone ask how I am doing, how I’m feeling and how I’m dealing with all these lifestyle changes for a change…ya know?
She’s an oldie but a goodie and I wouldn’t change that for anything!
Saturday we enjoyed a lazy day of lounging around the house and I even convinced our older two boys to lay down in their beds for a few minutes and they actually fell asleep!
Oh it was precious and much needed 🙂
Today hubby let me sleep till 10:30.
I’ll repeat that one for ya, I slept until 10:30 this morning!!!!!
Unfortuantely we missed church but boy oh boy was it glorious sleeping in that late!
And I must have needed it because I usually can’t sleep past 8 am these days, my mind just won’t let me!
We ventured out early this afternoon and scored some sweet cellphone & ipod covers at 5 below {I always forget how much that store rocks}as well as some much needed k-cup refills from Target 🙂
This evening was spent putting up and decorating our Christmas tree.
Usually we put it up Black Friday but we slacked a little bit this year-woops!
Oh and another milestone I reached this weekend post-stroke was being able to go to the grocery store {with our youngest in tow} and yes I drove myself there and back!!
Now this is an everyday task for many of you out there and it used to be for me as well,
but little errands like this that I used to be able to do without even thinking about twice now take my full attention and complete planning ahead of time.
This is something I have not been able to do for 4 months, and today I accomplished-without panicking, without calling home 5 times to ask my husband if I forgot anything, and with one kid! 
Sure he ate 1/2 a bag of cheese curls by the time we were finished and his mouth matched the color of his coat but what we finished!!!
I am so thankful to be here for another holiday season with my family.
That about wraps up our weekend, how was yours?

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