Weekend Recap

Oh hey there Monday…when the heck did you get here?
Feel free to pack up your stuff and move on because I am just.not.ready for you!
This weekend seriously went too fast.
Sorry this is getting out so late but time just got away from me!
We entertained family, had some home cooked yummy spanish dinners, movie nights, worship, haircuts for all the kids, play time at the park and with our neighbors, and an almost trip to the emergency room!
All in all I would say it was a good weekend- minus the ginormous boo-boo on kid #2’s head 😦
Thankfully his school pictures were already taken  🙂
What were you up to this weekend?

One thought on “Weekend Recap

  1. Well Tom and I decided to take a ride to Baltimore on Sunday since he knew 3 Comedians performing out of 6 at this Comedy Club. Had a good laugh which we really needed. Stayed overnight and took in the Aquarium today which was alot of fun. Love the Dolphins! It was a Beautiful day for walking and just sitting on a bench like we did for a little bit and took in the sites. Our weekend ran into Monday but thats what happens when you have a husband thats retired 🙂 Have a good week Erica!


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