3 months

Yesterday marked three months since my stroke.
Finally yesterday came the good news I have been waiting a long time for.
This is something that has been weighing heavy on me lately, stressing me out and making my anxiety shoot through the roof!
 I passed a test, in a series of tests, that will allow me to start driving again…hopefully within the next couple of weeks!
Do you know how hard it has been to not drive for the past 3 months?
The last time I drove was the morning of my stroke when I drove myself to work.
It has been incredibly hard on both myself and my husband…can we say stressor?
I held back because I wasn’t sure if I was ready to write about how I was horribly afraid of failing.
I wasn’t sure I could handle another disappointment, another setback.
I wasn’t ready for the pointing of fingers, the others feeling bad for me, the more time of no independence.
Because that is what happens when you have a stroke.
Your life as you once knew it is gone.
You can no longer do anything for yourself, or anyone else.
Forget about PTA meetings, your children’s clubs/activities, gatherings with friends…it all goes out the window.
We had each of our kids signed up for an activity this fall that we had to pull out of because of me.
Yes I am thankful for being here today and I am forever grateful for Him for keeping me here but life is just not.the.same.
Your life as you knew it will be forever changed-or at least drastically changed for the next few years.
That is how long it takes for your brain to heal from such a traumatic event.
It fills me with anxiety just thinking about everything my body has been through.
We’ve been blessed with an incredible church family that has gone to the ends of the world to help
and we are forever grateful for them.
This whole process has really showed us the love others have for us.
Not just our church family but our work families, friends, relatives, and neighbors have all come together for our sake.
It’s amazing!
The outpouring of meals, rides, babysitters, prayers, the phone calls, the text messages, the emails just the way everyone has reached out to us and for us is simply incredible.
We have truly been blessed beyond anything I could possibly imagine.
Today is my last physical therapy session as well, as I will be graduating from the program.
That is another highlight in my life right now!
While I am still not back to work and still have some intense work to do with my ot program I am grateful to be where I am at today.
What are you grateful for today?


One thought on “3 months

  1. Erica, HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS!? I need to archive read more. I'm so glad you share your story. The things that happen to people are so crazy… this story, YOUR STORY, will be an inspiration to someone. You are an amazing woman and so beautiful for sharing this. I'm so glad you can drive again. What a huge relief lifted off your shoulders. Let me know if I can do ANYTHING from out here in lil old Idaho.


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