Fun Friday

Hey there ya’ll!
That’s me trying to do my best southern expression on this Fun Friday!
I’ll stop creeping you out now….
 we’ve got rain all day here in Jersey and it doesn’t look like it’s ending any time soon.
I’m okay with that, I feel like I’m due for a day on the couch under the blankets watching t.v.
Probably watching LMN oh how I love LMN!!
Today’s Fun Friday will be dedicated to all things funny….
I have developed a slight obsession with those ecards that everybody has been posting on their social media.
My name is Erica and I’m obsessed with ecards and LMN!
I just think they are hilarious, like literally they make me LOL.
Sometimes it causes Mr. Three to give me weird looks as I’m laughing hysterically at my iphone.
So today I’m posting my fav’s here for you all to see.
I would love to see your fav ecards or just link up with things that make you laugh.
Hey it’s Friday, do whatevs you want and enjoy your weekend!
Catch ya later alligator!


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