Influenced from Afar

The blogging community was uprooted this weekend and rocked in ways one could only have imagined thanks to Influnece Conference.
Some of you may know it as #influenceconf.
At least that is how I know it.
I didn’t attend this weekend but following along with those who did via social media was amazing!
The wisdom, strength, and words that came out of that conference have changed me forever.
Oh how I wished I was there after seeing all of the cutesy roommate pictures, the “come find me” pics, and the life changing worship these ladies experienced.
To be surrounded with those who understand and know where each other are coming from,
to know the struggles and the victories,
and to be able to wrap all of that in His comfort and to be brought together for His good is just amazing!
After resolving my first feelings of jealousy for those who were able to go I realized something.
This year was not for me.
I was not ready mentally, spiritually, or emotionally.
If I’m being completely honest, I thought it was a plain and simple blogging conference.
I thought you went with your lap top in hand, cute pre-planned outfits, and passed out business cards to future prospects.
I thought women sat around trading blogging secrets, and strategizing out how to get the most followers, and become profitable through their blogs.
Instead I was thrown a curve ball….a wicked curve ball.
What I thought was completely different than what actually happened.
I started seeing all of these pictures and tweets from those attending saying wonderful non-blogging related advice.
Advice that kinda rocked my world…
okay it completely rocked my world.

“Your mess can be your ministry.”- Casey Wiegand.
“When God says I pick you to talk about me, it’s not a burden but a privilage.”- Sarah Matheny
“You never know who you will touch or who you will reach when you stop filtering Him.”-Sarah Matheny


These were the three quotes from the #influenceconf chatter that really stood out to me.  
These quotes that came out of the #influenceconf feed impacted me in a way I never knew possible.
It was almost an out of body experience.
I didn’t need to be there to benefit from, grow, or develop myself.
These amazing ladies were able to do it via Twitter!
They made me thirsty for more, and I couldn’t wait to see the next #influenceconf hashtag to come out so I could add it to my jar of faith.
They made me want to jump out the door and go to every faith filled women’s conference.
They made me want to know each and every single one of them a little bit better.
They made me want to take my beliefs to a level I never knew possible.
I know sometimes I sit down at my computer, type up a post and say to myself Oh geez, I think that’s a little too heavy, or maybe I shouldn’t be so open with my beliefs, or who wants to hear again about my kids?
But you know what?
That’s who I am and what is on my heart that day.
If I start filtering this space then it becomes somebody else’s space, not mine.
If I start trying to have the appearance I have no mess than it’s not the truth.
Trust me I have got messes.  Plenty of them!
When I type a post about Him I shouldn’t be worried about others’ opinions but I should delight in the fact that He is using me to reach others.
When I first started on this blogging journey I had no idea where it would lead me.
I thought it was just going to be a space to document our wedding.
Then the wedding came and went and I still felt passionate about blogging so I kept going.
Here I am almost 3 years later and I am loving it more and more every day.
I love the community that is blogging.
I have met amazing people along the way, and I cannot wait to see where this road leads  me to.
So thank you to all of those that hosted, and attended Influence Conference, as well as those who kept up with social media while there because it is a weekend I know I will never forget.
Maybe next year it will lead me to Influence 🙂


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