Fun Friday

Today is FUN FRIDAY friends!
A day dedicated to all things FUN.
And seriously is Friday not the most fun day of all?
At the end of a long stressful week it feels so good to wake up and say TGIF {unless your Mr. Three who works night shifts and Friday’s are his Monday, boo!}
For now you can feel free to link up below, and spread the word about my very first link up!
Today’s FUN FRIDAY will be dedicated to all thing Fall.
I thought it was rather appropriate since the Jersey weather finally got the memo that it is fall!
Top 10 Fun things fall…go!
1. Pumpkins & pumpkin patches
2. Festivals
3. Scarves & Boots
4. Pumpkin spiced coffee
5. Cool weather
6. Dancing colorful leaves
7. Open windows and no more ac
8. Halloween parties at our kids schools
9. Sweaters and long sleeves
10. Crock pot recipe’s
Well there ya have it.
I’d love to hear your top 10 Fall Fun things so get to linkin’ up!
Happy Weekend 🙂


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