My Mess

Because of all the raw emotions stirred up inside of me I have a feeling the next few days will contain some soul-searching {and hopefully finding} posts.
Now if you read this post you know there was a conference this past weekend that rocked my socks off.
I’ve been thinking about this unfiltered business.
The art of putting out there only the good, clean, non-messy parts of my life can be deceiving.
And while they do happen they are few and far between.
Just this morning while changing our almost 2 year old Aaron’s diaper he mastered the “reach around” if you know what I mean…and if you don’t I’ll elaborate.
He got poop on his hand.
A big ole’ gob of it. 
True story.
Right now I just noticed there’s a half a banana on the floor out of the peel just chillin’ on the carpet.
Real life.
And right now the baby is still napping this late because I don’t feel like playing my chances at the 50/50 that he will actually wake up happy.  It doesn’t happen all that often!
Some nights my kids have breakfast for dinner because it’s quick and easy to clean up…
cereal, milk, bowl, done!
The clean up is even easier too.

This is real life people.
There is no curtain call, and everyday is a new, messy adventure.
But do you know what?
I have a choice.
A choice to see all of this as a blessing or as a burden.
I’m choosing a blessing.
I know this won’t last forever.
Eventually {and hopefully} everyone will sleep an entire night in their own beds, there will be no more diaper changing mishaps, and the teething will have stopped!
I know one day when our children have children Mr. Three and I will sitting around saying
  “Remember when…”
Don’t get me wrong most days I don’t embrace this crazy lifestyle of living right just enough to keep my head above the water with 3 little guys at home.
But I also know this won’t last forever, it won’t always be this way.
Most days are still about survival in our house.
However we need//choose to get a job done is how it gets done.
My life may be messy, unorganized, filled with poop and tears, but this is my life.
We are beyond blessed with 3 healthy boys who can run, jump, play, and make those messes 
that I love 🙂
Some parent’s don’t have what we have.
Some parent’s don’t get the chances that we have.
This is the path He wants me to be on.
This is the path I want and need to be.
Every night I thank the Lord for all that we have been given-even on the really hard days when I feel like a failure.
Ever since I was a little girl the one thing I’ve dreamed about is being a mom.
Heck I was still playing with dolls until way too late in middle school.
And not just any mom, but a great mom.
A proactive, involved, supportive-no-matter-what mom.
So I guess what I am trying to say here is even though it may seem like everything is spic and span 
and smelling like febreeze-oh how I love the smell of Febreeze– in our house 
that my friends.
Right now I’ve got 6 loads of laundry to fold, dinner to cook, bath’s to give, and homework to accomplish. 
Tonight I’ll order in dinner because I’ve got no energy to cook-but you better believe my kids and I will pile around our dinner table and talk about our days.
Who did what, what they learned, who they ate lunch with, what was their most favorite part of their day etc.
We’ll thank the Lord for the food we have, enjoy lots of smiles,  have some belly laughs, a few spills too, but most of all there will be love.


One thought on “My Mess

  1. As you know, being here a lot of your days growing up, all those mishaps and blunders are the norm, and what you talk and laugh about most when you remember childhood! Your kids are so lucky to have great parents.



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