Piles, piles, everywhere

This weekend was a blur.
Like it went so fast I don’t even know where the time went!
Totally in a good way though 🙂
I can say though that it was productive, very very productive.
We did a major overhaul on the big boys room.
You have no idea how badly this was needed.
Desperately needed.
You know that space in the kids room behind those doors?
The space where things seemingly pile up by themselves?
Yea that space…the closet!
Well the boys can finally use theirs now.
I actually found a cute way to help organize them for the school week since they will both be going to school 5 days a week this year.
And my handy little project helped me pin my very first picture to pinterest woot woot!
Follow me here.
We completely emptied their closet…found some pretty interesting stuff {including pictures, diaries, and my high school diploma-but that’s for a different post!}.
We started making piles.
Trash, keep, pass on, good will, etc.
At one point there were piles EVERYWHERE…
and I love you guys so much I am posting a picture of it!
Eventually we dug ourselves out and were able to make sense of everything.
We still need to paint the room but so far this is a huge improvement!
They got bunk beds 🙂
They are beyond thrilled!
We went to Target on Saturday to pick out their bed sets…which was a very trying experience to say the least!
Maybe it was because we couldn’t find a set in our price range {that they liked}- maybe it was because it was LDW-maybe it was because it was during lunch time for them.
I’m not sure.
Whatever the case lets just say there was a lot of tears shed, running off, and temper tantrums-thrown by everyone.
It’s safe to say by the time we left the bedding aisle everybody was exhausted!
I even made a little bit of time to run into my most favorite make-up store  {ULTA} and pick up a little somethin’-somethin’ for momma as well!
My first major eye makeup investment…yup I’m all grown up 🙂
We finished up the weekend with a BBQ with family-and you know me there is no better way to spend time than with family!
Rain tried to put a damper on the evening but we decided to make the best of it and let the kids play outside in the warm summer rain 🙂
They had a blast!
How was your LDW?
{Yummy eye candy}

{My first pin}
{Organizing attire made by yours truly}

{One of our finds in the closet-from my baby shower for HIM!!}

{Piles, piles, piles}
{Summer rain party}


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