Do you hear what I hear?

I’m reading a book right now by one of my new favorite authors Lysa Terkeurst.
She’s an amazingly honest, funny, pure in heart and down to earth Christian author.
She’s also a momma to 5 children 
and she keeps it real through all of her writing!
It’s very refreshing 🙂
Have you ever heard that voice telling you to do something for a stranger, a friend, a neighbor?
But your not quite sure where it’s coming from?
Do you ever feel that impression upon your heart tugging at you to do a kind deed?
But your feel silly acting on an “impulse” or not sure why you’re feeling the way you do?
Maybe it hits you when your sitting in traffic and see a pedestrian walking down the street in the hot summer heat. 
 There’s a voice telling you to offer them a bottle of water.
The firemen who are doing a coin drive in the middle of the freezing winter?  
You have this feeling that a fresh coffee would help warm them up.
Ever been standing in line at WaWa and you feel a pull to the person behind you?
Maybe you’re supposed to pick up their tab.
Maybe your not sure why you have this overwhelming sense of trying to do good for someone else…but I am about to tell you.
It’s all about listening.
Listening to Him and what He lays on our heart.
How many of us can say we listen when He speaks to us?
Can you honestly say that every little thing He lays on your heart your listen to?
Not just listen to but act upon?
I know I don’t.
Lysa explains to us how not listening to Him is like missing a big ole surprise party thrown for us.
If we listen to him and follow where He leads us then we will be shown love, joy, light, and gentleness that we didn’t know before.
Can you imagine that?
A whole world of good, laughter, peace, joy and happiness waiting for us.
Simply by listening and doing.
The choice is ours.
Just as we raise up our children to listen to their mothers and fathers and build that trust/love relationship He is after the same relationship.
He wants us to listen. 
To grow.
Maybe we don’t think we have the strength, or resources.
But we do.
Oh how we do!
He is our strength, and our resources.
He will provide.
And in the end we will reap the benefits of following what he has laid on our hearts.
We will grow in so many life changing ways.
We will get to experience all the joy, laughter, happiness, and gentleness we are made to experience!
That He wants us to experience.
So next time you hear or feel something urging you don’t second guess yourself.
Act on that tugging in your heart…and I promise you will not be disappointed.


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