I’m gonna let it shine

This little blog of mine…
I’m gonna let it shine…and me too!
This blog is literally helping me to shine!
I process life by sitting down and writing.
Maybe some of you are the same, maybe not.
It is extremely therapeutic for this momma.
Through my writing I am able to get my emotions down and that is an amazing feeling.
Being able to get down how I’m feeling, my struggles, my victories all in one place has really helped me, not just through my latest struggle, but to process life in general.
Writing it all down- and keeping it real– usually lets me walk away feeling lighter than when I first sat down.
You know what else?
I have a new found confidence that I certainly didn’t have 2 months ago 🙂
2 months ago I would never have even thought about going so far outside of my comfort zone
 so frequently.
I used to have all of these ideas and notions in my head that I thought were silly.
Now I actually speak them and put them into action.
I am growing and it’s beautiful.
A few months ago I was resting on a laurel.
It’s sad to say but it’s true.
I was content with where I was…
 but not pushing myself to be all that I am capable of.
Now I want more.
I want to see, do, and explore!
Now I wake up in the morning {sometimes with a plan, sometimes not} and take advantage of each and every opportunity that presents itself to me.
2 months ago I would never have taken so many pictures of myself for fear of no makeup, not having perfect hair, and rejection etc. 
Nowadays I have the opposite outlook.  
I forget all of that jazz and focus on just.being.me.
And I couldn’t be happier!
I embrace those candid shots not caring or even thinking twice about it.
Who cares?  Not me {at least not these days}!
I know what I am doing makes me happy.
I’m accomplishing and filling a goal of mine.
I am developing this little blog of mine.
This blog might be little but it’s my own.
My own space.
My own world.
And us momma’s don’t get that too often 🙂
Now without further ado a very first on this little blog of mine.
Some candid shots {taken by our 6 year old!!} of me during a family outing.
I’m embracing this new found confidence I have and love for growing!
Have a great weekend 🙂


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