Yesterday we got the phone call we have been waiting for since June.  
Ayden won the lottery (not the real one-the kid lottery lol) and got a place in our Township’s Pre-K program!!!! 
 You see our town has so many kids and a realllllly tiny budget so they don’t have enough room for all of the kids to attend their Pre-K program.  
What they do is let everyone who wants to enroll their children sign up and then they literally pick names out of a hat type of thing to see who can attend. 
 This is a HUGE relief for us.  
Especially considering we took on a larger car loan for my new car in May. 
 On the other hand while this will be a huge relief financially for us it also means leaving the only preschool family we have known for the past 3 years…and that is a unsettling thought. 
I’ve mentioned before that I am not great with change.  
This will be another time where I am going to have to put my faith to work-hard. 
 Another time where I will be challenged to grow through change.  
After all isn’t that what life is all about? 
 Growing and changing so that we can be the best we can be?
Showing our children that it is okay to go somewhere new, to meet new people, to expand ourselves?
I think so! 
I am ready-I hope!
 I’ve done my research and I have friends whose kids have attended this same program Ayden will go to this fall and they have said nothing but good things about it so that is helping to put me at ease.  
But like any Momma I personally don’t know the teachers, staff, or other families which is not putting me at ease…
 At our former preschool everybody was like one big family.  It was run at our church so our kids were familiar with their surroundings and the teachers had so much love for each and every little one!   
I know we will make it through this transition-thought I don’t know who it is going to be worse for Ayden or us 😦  
I will keep you updated!
Now the only thing left to do it get started on our back to school shopping 🙂

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