We all have them everyday.
We can choose to be angry, sad, upset, mad, overjoyed, pleasant, etc.
How many times in your life have you chosen to be happy? 
 Have you ever woken up one day and the day just started off awful?  
What if instead of continuing your day based on one tiny moment that went wrong you chose to be happy.  What if we chose to live every moment to the fullest and always look on the bright side? 
Imagine spending an entire day looking at the good side of everything?  
Having to wait in line for a long time?
 The upside could be time to make a mental checklist of things you need to get done at home? 
 Gone to the store to buy something and they are sold out? 
Perhaps you weren’t meant to buy that exact item that exact day for another reason. 
 Stuck in traffic?  
Maybe extra time to say a few prayers for friends and family. 
This is something that I am working on for me…
Something that doesn’t necessarily come easy for me.
With 3 kids, a husband, a home to keep organized and clean, work, and a full activity schedule it’s easier to get caught up in the nitty gritty of everyday life.
But quite frankly I’m sick of that.  
I’m tired of always being pessimistic.
In my last post I said it’s time for changes, and this gal is changing!
 I have started to become more appreciative, thankful and just plain happy on a daily basis…
and it’s a phenomenal feeling 🙂
 Yes my children might be fighting constantly, screaming “mommy” 1,000 times a day, and I don’t ever have a moment of privacy-even to pee- but hey I have to remember that I have 3 healthy, most of the time happy children. 
 It’s thoughts like this that make me happy.  
So why not try it?  
Wake up and make a promise to yourself to be happy for 1 whole day-no matter what is thrown your way…then come back here and share your story-I’d love to hear!

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