Do Good

I always want to do good-for others.  
It’s a feeling I’ve had inside of me since I can remember.
Ever since I was a little girl I remember always wanting to help others.  
But lately, this is something that has been heavy on my heart.
Dorky FYI shhhhh!:
I remember being in 3rd grade and getting my first karaoke machine.  My best friend and I used to “host” our own radio show called Helping Hands where our fake clients could call in with their problems and issues and we would help them…
In 3rd grade…I wanted to (Help them.}
Instead of singing to Whitney Houston and Patsy Cline (which occasionally we did dressed in our wigwams, frizzy hair, and neon tights-of course!) I created a talk show to help people!  
Now that I am older and I see the world on a larger scale my thought immediately goes to the fact that “little things” don’t matter.  
That they are too petty or small.  
That someone will look at me like I’m strange for trying to help with something so small.
I always think that my impact needs to be exponential…and then my mind wanders to helping large amounts of people and then the next thought is how can I reach a lot of people? 
And then I become super frustrated because I don’t know how to help a bunch of people…
and then comes the thought that this is overwhelming.  
It doesn’t make sense to help just one person, I have to help a whole bunch of people.  
Well guess what?  We have to start somewhere. I have to start somewhere.
My new, simpler outlook:  I don’t have to help an exponential amount of people, I just want to be exponential to one person.  
That is where I am going to start.  I’m throwing out my old outlook.  Unless I start becoming proactive and start putting some of my thoughts into actions it will never happen.  Even if I start with one person, maybe that person will in turn help somebody else who will help somebody else and that my friend will become a movement.  
Right now there are a lot of things on my heart.
A lot of ways I would like to help someone.  
It’s time to start living them out. 
Putting them into action.
Thanks to Pinterest I have found an easy-peasy way to help someone, or a few people I should say!  
My plan is to make up a bunch of these and hang them around our town where people might need them!  How cool is that?! 
Feel free to join..and share your stories! 
I’ll let you know how it turns out 🙂 
{Source Unknown}

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