A good day

As most of you know from this post almost a month ago I suffered a stroke.  
There are many things I still cannot do that I was able to before.
One thing that I have missed the most since is being able to sit on the floor with our kids and play. 
 Play with cars, play with dinosaurs, play anything and everything!!  
Well friends today for the first time in almost 4 weeks I did just that 🙂  
I was finally able to get down on the floor knowing that I could get back up!
I sat on our new area rug and played with all of the toys Ayden got at his birthday party this weekend.    
And you know what? 
I have never felt better…or more free! 
I was filled with so much joy!
So much happiness, and light.
Yes, I did have a momma moment and tear up too…
And yes I did say a little thank you to God for letting today be a good day!
I didn’t worry about the mess, all the toys spread throughout the rug 
or the fact that I was still in my PJ’s at 2pm. 
 All I cared about was that I was creating memories with my children that they will remember for the rest of their lives.  

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