Morning fun

Our Sunday morning started off with a dance partayyyy and it was so much fun!!
 The rest of the day we lounged around, hit the park in the afternoon and then ordered in pizza for dinner! 
 I was flying solo tonight and most of the day as Daddy was at a Sixer’s game with some co-workers! 
 The boys and I had a blast today.
And anytime we can get to the park in February is a good day!
We were all able to soak up some Vitamin D, and they were able to release some energy.  
Weekends really do go too fast!

2 thoughts on “Morning fun

  1. ahhh! spring! i literally am so so excited for it to get here. hello awesome walks in the park, picnics and bike rides. how i have missed you.

    happy tuesday to your friend!


  2. Thanks Nicole! Yes spring has quickly become one of my very favorite seasons (allergies aside!!) Can't wait to get our kids out of the house and express all that energy. Thanks so so much for stopping by!


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