I want to remember

I’m writing this post because I want to remember all of things our kids do and say.
Their funny stories, how they interpret what we tell them, and their spin on this crazy ride we call life. 
For example tonight while doing a magic trick Angel told me to “rememorize” my card.  A combo of remember and memorize. How funny, the things kids say!
I want to remember this moment when Aaron’s four top teeth and two bottom teeth are just about the.cutest.thing.ever when he laughs.
I want to remember the smell of Johnson & Johnson and how cute the boys look with bath time mohawks.
I want to remember the soft and high pitched way Aaron says Hiiiiii!
I want to remember Ayden’s coping mechanism of saying “I love you mommy” when I put him in an environment he is not comfortable in.
I want to remember that Angel and Ayden’s favorite game right now is “Man.”  Where they go around being anything from cowboys, to bank robbers, to spiderman and calling each other man.  “Hey man!” “Over here man!” I think it’s hysterical.
I want to remember Ayden’s sweetness.
I want to remember Aaron’s open mouthed kisses.
I want to remember Angel’s patience with his baby brother, Aaron, and the way he loves to tickle him.
I want to remember that Angel’s favorite color is blue, and Ayden’s is green.
I want to remember that Aaron tries so hard to be included in what his big brothers do.  He is constantly chasing, wrestling, and teasing them!
I want to remember the pure joy and love that Angel and Aaron have for one another.  They are going to have a special relationship when they both are older.
I want to remember how much Angel loves Justin Bieber.
Most of all I just want to remember…and never forget.
What do you want to remember?

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