Still Here

I am still here.
I have not abandoned this blog of mine…or you.
Life has been pretty crazy around here since we got back from Baltimore.
We’ve had 100th day of school activities, baseball sign ups, Valentines Day, birthday parties, extra hours at work, Sunday School and the dreaded stomach bug.
Yes, the stomach bug.
Now there’s something you should know about me, if you already don’t.
I am a borderline germ-o-phobe…… with 3 kids, yes this is true.

Do I have a tendency to wash my hands and my kids hands multiple times a day? 
Do I make sure the first thing our kids do when we get in the house after being out is washing their hands? YES
Do I have a bottle of sanitizer in my purse, my car, hubby’s car, our diaper bag, my desk at work, and both of our strollers? 

I am the type of person that if I even think you are sick or hear your sneeze I will do everything possible to stay as far away from you, and if we for some reason do come into the slightest of contact with one another I will then run to the nearest sink to wash my hands with scalding hot water and soap followed by quickly administering myself an Airborne.
If your kids are sick and you bring them near my kids-momma bear comes out! I try everything in my power to not let my kids interact with yours.
I mean seriously, who brings sick, snotty nosed, fever running, coughing, germ spreading kids out in public to spread their germs to other kids? It’s hard enough to take care of 3 healthy kids let alone 3 sick kids, and we all know moms don’t get sick days so that is just OUT of the question!
I’m sorry but I think that should be in the mom handbook.
If your child has been coughing/sneezing (not allergies), had a fever, or throwing up in the last 48 hours (yes, that’s right I said 48, NOT 24) DO NOT bring them to a public place to keep spreading their germs!
Aye caramba!  Okay {stepping down from my soap box now} haha!

So the stomach bug hit our poor Ayden first on Tuesday night and the just when I thought I had disinfected, Lysol’d, and washed all of the germs out of our house Friday night it snuck up on me too, BOO!
Now, as I just stated Mom’s don’t get sick days.
This bug was a real whopper! I’m talking full on body ache, fever…the whole nine yards.
I felt so terrible that I was almost in tears!
I was lucky enough to lay in bed all day Saturday but my husband still had to go into work on Saturday night leaving me with 3 children to keep alive…{ahem} take care of I mean 🙂
Today I am feeling a bit better, able to keep down some food and liquids and actually able to get out of bed without being hunched over in pain.
I am also fortunate enough to have a husband who realized that I needed some recoop time and took himself and all three boys to his mom’s house for the day.  Either that or he feared catching the bug from me too, but I like to think the first option!

So in case you have been wondering where I went I am back and ready to continue life with you my friends!


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