I found myself praying tonight.
Praying harder than usual.
Praying for strength, praying for patience, but above all praying to act on all that I hear Him speak to me.
I prayed asking him to give me the strength to believe what he is telling me, to believe the will he lays onto me, to believe that these ideas and notions I have are more than just thoughts, and words racing through my mind.
I prayed for the strength and determination to put them into action.
I prayed to not feel silly when I have these ideas and I actually say them-OUT LOUD!
I can sit and read books all day long.
People can brainstorm and come up with ideas
It’s the few people who actually put their ideas into actions that make a difference.
I can take advice and heed the words from other Christian bloggers, and mommy bloggers and believe me-they are great.  
In fact, most days they are exactly what I need to hear, and play right to the beat of my heart.
For now though what I need to focus on is hearing Him.
So many times in the past I have heard Him speak to me, answer my questions and I just carry on about my day as though I’m crazy.
That no one would ever support the ideas streaming through my mind.
Today that ends my friends.
Today begins the day that I start listening to all of His whispers and my gut feelings because of what He has laid upon me.
The past week especially he has been speaking to me in ways that I never thought possible.
I feel incredibly bad for saying this, but I haven’t acted on a single one.
Today that stopped.
Today though for the first time I shared with my husband a thought I had.
An idea that He laid on my heart.
And do you know what happened?
My husband didn’t think I was crazy…he fully supported my idea!
How great!
Today is a new day, a new page, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of this journey has in store for me!
Join me…won’t you?!

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