Have you ever felt stuck?
Not like overwhelming stuck.
I’m talking about the kind of stuck where your trying so hard to figure out your calling or what to do next that you keep drawing a blank?
Like the harder you try the further away from it you actually get?
If that even makes sense…
I’ve been struggling with this the past couple of weeks-probably since the new year.
I want so badly to see how He will use me that I feel lost.
I feel useless.
Like I am wasting precious time that could be used for my true calling.
I’ve spent time focusing, praying, thinking but nothing has come about yet.
No clear cut signs.
I keep reading all of my books {which I am very much enjoying!} but feel empty at the end of them.
I start each one saying to myself “this will be the one. This book will lay upon my heart what my calling is.”
But none of them have…
They all excite me and challenge me to live a more Christian life but don’t quite fill that void.
I’m waiting and believing but my patience is wearing thin!
I hope it gets here soon!
Until then… Keep Believing my friends!


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