This past weekend we celebrated my birthday in Baltimore.  
We were completely {unplugged}…well almost!  
We did keep our cell phones on us but only in case we got seperated, which of course we did as soon as we got inside Port Discovery!  
The kids had a blast, the weather was gorgeous, we actually ate out
…as in at restaurants!! 
That is something we almost never get to do as a family of 5!
We visited the biggest Barnes & Noble I have ever been in or seen…and the boys absolutely LOVED it!!  We walked the inner Harbor, spent the morning in the National Aquarium, and ate at The Cheesecake Factory {yum}
We explored a submarine, and the USS Constellation and of course the boys thought it was an adventure sleeping in a hotel room too!  
It felt great to spend quality time with our family-just US!  
There were so many “thank you’s” and “I love you’s” from the boys that it was overwhelming and practically brought tears to my eyes just to see how thankful and appreciative our kids really are (because they’re not always that way).
  It was a great weekend all around! 
Enjoy some pics 🙂

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