Tomorrow is my birthday!
The big 27 🙂
I feel like the older I get birthdays become bittersweet.
They’re bitter for the obvious reasons:
 another year older, a celebration without my grandparents being here, time moving too quickly.
And sweet for the other reasons:
 yummy cake and goodies, that excited feeling you get knowing its your special day, special attention paid to you from others.
Overall though I am just thankful that I was here for another year.
Birthday’s have become a reminder that we made it through another year.
That’s why they are a celebration of life!
Another year wise, another year to be able to see my kids grow right before my eyes.
It’s funny how when we’re kids and it’s our birthday we are focused on presents, and our birthday parties.
Who do we invite, who don’t we invite.  Where do we want the party to take place?  What’s our “big” gift? 
I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older birthdays have become more meaningful.  
They are just that more special to me as I’m becoming older (eek!).  
I started realizing this when we started having our boys.  
To sit back and think about the day that you had your son/daughter is just incredible! 
To think of all the built up anticipation of getting closer to your due date, the strenuous and straining hours spent in labor, all to bring this miracle of a life into this world is just moving and overwhelming at the same time.
Each and every year on our kids birthdays I take the time to reflect and remember these moments that we had with each of them. 
I don’t ever want to forget these treasured moments in time.  
 It’s amazing to sit back and remember that absolutely.amazing moment in time when
after hours of labor you heard your baby’s first cry, and held them for the first time while staring through tear filled eyes  back into the tear filled eyes of your husband with complete joy!
This birthday will be spent taking our boys for a long weekend in Baltimore and they are super excited!
A hotel room, the National Aquarium, the Children’s Museum, and much much more!
This is what I walked into in my office this morning…and one of the many reasons I absolutely love working where I do 🙂  

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