Skin Vs. Spirit

Skin makes us want to yell at the car that just cut us off.
Spirit makes us want to stop, take a deep breath and realize maybe the other driver has their own stuff going on.
Skin makes us want to raise our voice when our child does something out of line.
Spirit makes us kneel down in front of our child and explain to them right from wrong.
Skin wants us to be overwhelmed by laundry, cooking, cleaning and trying to juggle our daily activities.
Spirit wants us to stop and look around at the chaos in our lives and be thankful that we have a life at all.
Skin wants us to envy our neighbors new car.
Spirit wants us to rejoice in our neighbors happiness.
Skin wants to us to say “it’s not fair” when something doesn’t go as we hoped or planned.
Spirit wants us to remember He is our driver on our path.
Skin wants us to cry “why me” when something bad happens in our lives.
Spirit wants us to know He has got us, that He always has a plan for us.
Skin wants us to be greedy.
Spirit wants us to have open hands.
Skin is so very easily tempted by the devil and all the materialistic items he can fill our voids with.
Spirit reminds us that our time here should not be filled by earthly objects as we cannot take them with us when we leave here.


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