Too big. Too fast.

Ayden is our middle son.  He’s just about 3 1/2 now and always has been and I’m sure always will be our peanut.  I’m writing this post because I want to remember this exact moment in time.
Ayden is growing and changing right before our eyes.
I feel like in the past 2 weeks Ayden has grown exponentially.
I have a tendancy to “baby” him.  Maybe it’s his size, maybe it’s because I nursed him for the entire first year of his life, maybe because he loves extra cuddles in my arms , or because I don’t want him to have the dreaded middle child syndrome 🙂 either way he has a very special spot in my heart.
Ayden was very small when he was born and also spent the first 18 hours in the NICU because I had gestational Diabetes when I was pregnant with him.  He was immediately taken from us when he was born so we didn’t find out his height & weight until a little after we had him.
I remember there was a nurse outside of our delivery room and all I heard her say was  “6lbs 4oz and 18 inches.”  I thought to myself….is that my baby?  I didn’t even know they came that tiny!
Babies usually wear a size up from however old they are.
For example if they are 3 months they usually are wearing 3-6 or 6-9 month clothing.
At 3 months Ayden was still in newborn clothing.  He’s always been a size behind his age (if not two sizes!)
These past few weeks Ayden has really seemed to sprout up out of nowhere.  His pants are shorter, his shirt sleeves a little higher up on his arms, and he is able to reach more things.  He’s also becoming more independent.  Angel-our oldest- was always very independent from about age 18 months and up, and he was potty trained by his 2nd birthday!
To say that Ayden has been our most dependent child thus far would be an understatement.
Over the past few weeks Ayden has successfully mastered using the bathroom ENTIRELY by himself  (being a mom to 3 small children this is a HUGE help).  He has mastered opening the bathroom door, turning on the light, pulling down his pants, using the bathroom, pulling his pants back up, washing his hands AND drying them, turning the light back off and he even remembers to shut the door so Aaron cannot get in there.
Ayden can also brush his teeth completely on his own (I of course always check to make sure he did a good job), dress himself ENTIRELY, put on his own jacket, shoes, and hat as well!
I am dumbfounded!  This feels likes its just happening so fast-in the blink of an eye!  It felt like it was a snowball effect, like once the reigns were loosened, he was set free and become his own little big guy.
This is very bittersweet.

I am a proud momma that he has become more independent in doing things for himself, but I must admit a tiny part of me is sad that my little peanut doesn’t need momma as much anymore.

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