I just finished watching The Help.
 I read the book a few months back but seeing the story unfold before my eyes rehashed all of the feelings I had when I read the book. 
Wow. Emotions and a big old box of Kleenex!
 The line that stuck out most to me was when Skeeters mom says
 “sometimes courage skips a generation.”
 This really hit home for me. 
 This blog post is about to get real-to start believing in myself I have to tell who I am
 and where I came from.
 My grandmother had a huge hand in raising me and she was a very courageous woman.
 I never remember her having a cold, taking a sick day, not even a Tylenol-ever
She never once complained.
 She raised 4 of her own girls, took in countless number of kids from the neighborhood when they needed it, and took me when I was just 3 weeks old. 
 She was never bitter.
 She was never hateful, always loving. 
 I don’t have one memory of her ever yelling at me-ever
 She was always there for me, always a constant in my life. 
 This woman showed me more courage than I ever knew possible. 
Now it’s up to me. 
 It’s up to me to stand up and be the courageous woman she knew I had the potential to be. 
 If I could live to be half the woman she was I would be grateful
 Every day is a new day to be courageous.
 I need to start believing in those nudges I feel, that little voice in the back of my mind telling me I can I am worth it, I need to start acting on that fire I can feel burning inside of my heart. 
Today I stop planning & talking, and start doing! 
Join me won’t you?

2 thoughts on “Courage

  1. How courageous are you for sharing this detail of your life?! And here i thought I was learning SO MUCH (which I am!) through emails. You're absolutely right about each new day. This is something I need to remember. x


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