I’ve been thinking about this word for a while now.
So much so that I even wrote down some thoughts about it with a pen on an actual piece of paper! 
Then today at work while listening to one of my favorite Pandora stations {Hillsong radio} a song came on that said
 “in a moment of glorious surrender, you are with me” 
I thought this is a sign! 
 I’m believing in and listening to His signs.  
Believe being the word that I chose for 2012.  
Surrender to some may mean giving up, throwing in the towel, or being so fed up that you are just done!
To others (and me) it means giving up who you used to be and running toward the person you want to become.
It’s about letting go of everything in your past and starting fresh.
This is not easy. It is hard work!
But like so many other process’s it is worth it in the end.  
Surrender means handing it.all.over. to Him.
Surrender can be glorious!
Realizing we can’t do it all but He can.
Realizing we are not made to be ridden with stress, anxiety, panic.
He is there to carry all of that for us.
We have to submit.
We need to surrender to him and give it all to him.
He is there to comfort us. 
He is there to carry our burdens and make our everyday lives easier.
Sometimes when you’ve tried every other option the only one left is to surrender- and that is NOT a bad thing!
This doesn’t mean that you have give up.
This simply means that you are opening that door….or perhaps cracking that window and letting 
Him into your life. 
Letting him in to heal, to take care of, to console, to make better.
Surrendering is a great thing.
Have you surrendered?

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