Laid on my heart

Today I attended our church’s 8am service which is much different than our usual attendance to the 10 am worship service.  
I should also mention that I was completely alone-meaning no kids at all…it was actually lonely!  
Anywho our Pastor began his sermon and was talking about the different ministries we have in our church and how our church family has the chance to fulfill what God has laid on our hearts through our different ministries.  
For me I feel like over the past couple of years God has laid on my heart:  
being a mommy,
a wife,
serving God and his people whenever possible,
giving to those in need especially when you feel like you just can’t-as we have learned God will always provide.  

One of the ministries I have become involved with this year is our Sunday School program.  
I teach our 4-5 year old’s their bible lessons and about Jesus and it is SO rewarding!  
To see their little eyes and faces light up when they find out that Jesus loves not only them but their entire families unconditionally is very powerful to these young ones! 
For me, and this year I feel like this is what God has laid on my heart.  
What has God laid on your heart?

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