Fall is quickly becoming my favorite time of year and that’s saying a lot because I was born and raised a Jersey girl with sand between my toes!  
Fall brings on cooler weather, colorful leaves, pumpkin coffee, apple cider, yummy treats, the first stews of the seasons,pumpkins, fairs and festivals, Halloween, and much more!! 
One of our favorite things to do in the fall is to stop by one of the local farms and let our kids pick their own pumpkins to decorate for Halloween.  
This year we made it into a family trip-all 5 of us were there!
Remember this post, where I apologized for using an old digi cam and promised more pretty pics because our DSLR was fixed…well enjoy the photo overload my friends 🙂  
P.S. What’s your favorite fall activity?
{Angel sizing up pumpkins}

{Aaron’s 1st Halloween}

Angel & Ayden

Look at those eyes


Homemade apple cider

Fresh grown apples


Brotherly Love

Outside one we came home w/ our pumpkins!

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