Harvest Festival

Every year my home town has their annual Harvest Festival.  
It’s a fun filled day for kids and families to hang out, enjoy live music, great food, rides & games for the kids, crafts, and enjoy the beautiful fall weather outside!  
We have been going to this Harvest Festival since I can remember and now I am bringing my kids to it as well!  
Yesterday was certainly a family filled day…not only was it myself, my three kids, and my aunt and uncle who go with us every year because they live right up the street from the fair- but also my mom, dad, brother, and sister-in law decided to come as well as my husbands aunt!  
There’s almost nothing I love more in this world than the feeling of being surrounded by family!
I had to cut the day short because Aaron was being a complete fuss-montster but the rest of the family stayed and enjoyed the entire day! 
Enjoy our pics!


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