Semi Productive Weekend

I woke up Friday morning feel as though I was being held captive by the head cold monster…and for us mom’s that simply can’t happen! 
I tried my hardest to fight the symptoms all day at work on Friday and took 2 rounds of Airborne {amazing product}!  
Unfortunately my efforts were too late because I’ve spent most of the rest of the weekend with an insane head cold and trying my hardest to keep my eyes open 
enough to make sure my kids 
didn’t kill one another!
On a happier note I did get the supplies I have been waiting for to come in for my shop which you can visit here.  
I’ve added lots more goodies for all of the Mom’s who come to my shop to do their baby shopping.  Now you can feel guilt free about picking up an item for baby and one for you {or your sister, cousin, friend, etc} without feeling guilty!  
Here’s a sampling of the new products in all of their bright glory!
 Which one is your favorite??

P.S.  Even though I was under the weather the whole family decided to head to our favorite fall farm to pick up some pumpkins…stay tuned for that post tomorrow 🙂 


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