A houseful of new things!


I know this is coming a little bit late, but Angel and I registered this past Sunday at Macy’s. Above is piece to the fine china set we registered for. We still have Bed, Bath, and Beyond to do but at least we got a jump start on registering which makes me feel less stressed. I never knew there were so many options for sterling silver flatware, stemware, fine china, everyday china, ughh its a mouthful just saying all of that. If you want to check it out, here it is. We registered at the Macy’s in Eatontown because our mall is horrible and never has anything! Anyhow, our sales lady Madeline was super nice and very helpful! She reminded me of a little Italian Grandma. She made the whole experience wonderfull. Of course Angel had to have the scanning gun (I think its a guy thing)! We didn’t put too much on our registry yet because it actually took about 2 hours just to pick out the few things that are on there, but I figure we can add to it little by little online, thank goodness for technology =) Enjoy!


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