Pastor said YES!

Angel and I just had our home visit with our Pastor from our soon to be church. The church is Peace Lutheran Church in Galloway, and can be found here. The Pastor came over with his adorable little family. His wife, Shiloh who is 9 1/2 months pregnant as well as their son Barrett, who is 2 years old. While Angel and Barrett were busy entertaining themselves amidst all the toys we have in our house (which by the way my house looks like a day care center because there are so many toys!) and Ayden was entertaining himself by watching them I was busy talking with our Pastor and his wife. Amongst other things discussed between all of us, we brought up the topic of our wedding and proceeded to ask him to be our officiant, and to conduct our marriage service. He immediately said he would be very pleased to perform our ceremony and we couldn’t be happier too! We then discussed pre-marital classes we’re going to need to take (big Angel will be thrilled, lol) and to let him know as the date gets closer anything else we would like him to do the day of our wedding.
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