Rollin’ in Style…

Wow, two days in a row that I am able to get on here! So we booked our limo company today. As you probably know I’m always looking for the best deal out there to work with our budget and I believe I found it today from this company. Their sales guy, Dave, was really nice to work with and was very accommodating for our wedding day. At first, we were just going to go with a 10 passenger stretch limo (from another company) but he was able to talk us into a 14 passenger party bus. This way we don’t have to worry about being crowded, or crawling over each other to go from one spot to another. The guys will have 8 people on their trip to Sea Oaks, and us girls will have 10 on our trip so there should be no problem! Here’s a sneak peak of the inside!



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