So we’re just about 6 months away from our BIG DAY and we have pretty much chosen all of our vendors, so I figured I’d go ahead and list them on here.

Photography (Michael Brady) and DJ (Kevin Glakin): The Pro’s
This company is giving us an amazing price for booking both services through them and have been 100% in customer service from the beginning. We were able to meet both of our guys during one of their wine and cheese showcases they put on in Toms River, which makes me feel a lot better about our choice as well.


Florist: Betina’s Garden

We’re doing a mixture of pink mini callas, light pink roses, and creme roses. There will also be white stephanotis in my bouquet as well as my two MOH’s bouquets with pearls in them! Betinas is AMAZING and has come up with a really amazing quote for our flowers. Find her here.


Transportation: Supreme Limousine

We’re going to be having a 14 passenger party bus from this company who has been awesome to work with so far!!
Link is here.

Bridal Jewelry: Etsy

This site is my new obsession. I found my bridal jewelry on here and am also looking into our RB pillow from here and a few other miscellaneous items as well.


My Dress: David’s Bridal

You must be crazy if you think I’m posting a picture of it! I don’t want to ruin any surprises for those who might be snooping!

Groom’s Attire: Mens Wearhouse
We chose this company because they have the exact color for the vest’s of the guys to match my brides maid’s dresses! We’re going on Sunday to check out styles too!

Stationary: T.B.D.
Unfortunately I keep changing my mind every 5 minutes what color/style/material/size/shape invitation I want! I’m really trying to convince my fiance to go for the pocket fold, but I don’t think he’s anywhere near on board with the idea =( Another factor that comes into play is our budget. I’m willing to DIY, but Angel doesn’t want me to go that route, so we’ll see what happens.


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