What I’ve been up to lately…

I wanted to fill you guys in on what I’ve been up to lately.  
For quite a few months now I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to generate more income for our family of 5.
I weighed my option of signing onto a company like Avon but knew I didn’t want to have to sell 50 tubes of lipgloss for a mere $25.
I also thought about a few at home parties company  but again after thinking about it I knew I didn’t really have much “extra” time each week, and I certainly didn’t want to take away any time from my family.
Then it was almost like a tiny little miracle happened!
Talk about perfect timing! 
I received an email from my good friend Hanna who was so, so eager to let me know about this amazing business adventure she had just embarked on with Rodan + Fields. 
It was something about beauty products, and skin care.
Honestly, I hadn’t done more than wash my face the past few years with Apricot scub so I tossed the email to the side because I knew NOTHING about skin care.
And sales?
Some of my worst childhood memories are of fundraising for various sports and organizations I belonged to, ha!
Remember I said something amazing happened?
Just then it did. 
The next few days and weeks following Hanna’s original email, for some reason unbeknown to me, I wasn’t able to get this idea she had planted out of my head!  
I can’t explain it, but honestly it was am extremely strong nudging that I was supposed to be in this business!
Finally I wrote her back saying: I HAVE TO HEAR MORE!
She went on to tell me that……
Drs. Rodan and Fields are the same Stanford-trained doctors who created Proactiv. 
What they did for acne, they’re now doing for aging skin. 
The products are clinical, dermatologist developed and guaranteed. 
They were formerly the number one clinical selling line at Nordstrom before they pulled from retail. 
Now the products are only available through consultants like me!
We have products for:
-Wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores
-Brown spots and sun spots
-Acne, blackheads, breakouts and post acne marks
-Sensitivity, redness and eczema

You can visit my website here!
A little background on me if you are just tuning in for the first time!
I’m an Insurance Agent by trade. 
 I’m also a wife and busy mom of three boys who works full time! 
 When I found out about Rodan and Fields I was looking for an oppourtunity to bring extra income to our family. 
 I wanted to give my family that extra boost of income to make life just a little more comfortable and carefree. 
 I knew I didn’t want anything more than part time hours, and that I didn’t want to sacrifice my “family time” anymore than I already was by working a full time job. 
 My friend, Hanna, recently contacted me about this amazing business she had just become a part of.  
I was impressed that Hanna was  able to stay home from her job as a critical care nurse with her 3 small children, while earning a steady income, and that she is able to set her own hours as well as the pace of her own success.
I have already been seen first hand just how BIG of a blessing this business is for our family!
I am blessed to say that last month thanks to R +F we had all the money we needed to pay down some bills, buy some last minute Christmas presents, and even enjoy a date night!
All of this was courtesy of Rodan + Fields 🙂
AND all of this was on 2 week’s worth of pay!
I chose to be a part of this fantastic company because I knew the possibilities and opportunities were endless.  I knew that this company, myself, and the team I am building have the ability for unlimited success!!!
Contact me if you’d like to hear more about the business or if you are interested in our clinical skin care products!


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