Two Thousand and Fourteen

As I sat down last night-barely making it to midnight-whilst reading through everyone’s resolutions I must say I felt a bit left out.
For the first year I had absolutely no desire to sit down and type out my “word” or my hopes for this New Year.
I tried!  I really did.
I willed my self as hard as I could to get in the New Year resolution spirit but just couldn’t.
Hold the phone!!!
What the heck?
Is there something wrong with me?
Who doesn’t have resolutions?
Who doesn’t want to improve?
So I went to bed feeling a little bit let down-in myself.
Maybe I had reached that age where New Year’s resolutions were out…
Then this morning it hit me.
I have all of that.
I have goals, dreams, passions, and plans.
And you better BET I am going to put them into action!
 I get the whole putting it out there for accountability thing-I really do, but I also know the flip side of NOT accomplishing or living out those resolutions to the fullest.
Those feelings of failure, defeat, and struggle.
THAT is what I don’t want to get!
Aren’t those the opposite feelings of why we made our resolutions in the first place?
That is what I am avoiding!
So that is my resolution this year:
no resolutions
Of course!  
Hard work?
You bet!
Turning my dreams for myself and my family into a reality?
But nothing written down, nothing in stone so that if I happen to change my mind, or need to head in a different direction, or change paths I can do that without feeling guilty!
It’s a completely freeing feeling and I encourage you to do the same!


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