25 Days of Giving Week #1

If you read this post you know about my 25 Days of Giving challenge.
First off let me say I was overwhelmed and humbled  by the amount of responses I received.
I love that so many of you want to help others.
So let’s get this party started!
Feel free to Link Up, or leave your act of kindness in the comments below!
December 1: Gave the Salvation Army volunteer my hot chocolate
December 2: Loaded up Gumball machines and gave two little boys quarters to ride the ride
December 3: Bought waters for the three ladies working return counter at Walmart
December 4: Wrote an email to a 4 year old boy who has terminal cancer.
December 5: Donated my whole day to my son’s Holiday Shop
December 6: Took on an began organizing fundraiser for our local food bank-DONATE HERE!!
December 7: Brought DD coffee and donuts for all the moms and librarians working holiday shop
December 8: Held door open while Holiday shopping for every single person walking in before me
December 9: Let lady with fewer groceries go before me at supermarket
I was really bad at taking photo’s this week so I’m afraid I’ve only got three to show ya!
I’d looooove to see your pics of acts of kindness though!
Here’s to week #2 of our 25 Days of giving 🙂


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