The More the Merrier: For our Food Bank

Well we are at it again!
Remember this collection we did for Thanksgiving to benefit our local Salvation Army?
Well the same restaurant that helped out last time contacted us again to help them with another event.
This time we are helping our Community Food Bank of New Jersey: Southern Branch.

Another need has been laid upon our hears and we are hoping to answer BIG TIME!
Goodfellow’s contacted my husband and I this afternoon wanting to know if we would like to help them raise money and drop off a HUGE food donation to our local food bank.
I read the email to my husband and we immediately looked at each other said, “We have to do this.”
So without hesitation and after securing a few loose ends we are onto our 2nd fundraiser of the season.
The owners of Goodfellows have amazing, amazing hearts and care so much about this cause that they are willing to match every single penny we receive up to $1,000.00 
So my goal is raise $1,000 on top of that hopefully bringing the total to $2,000.00!!!
Can you imagine how great that would be?
How many families we could bless this Holiday?
It would bring a whole new meaning to “The More the Merrier!”
So tonight I’m sharing this with you.
If you look to the right just below my “followers” section you will see a button that says Donate.
All you have to do is click on there to donate any amount you would like to this cause-no matter how big or small.
There’s also a button at the end of this post that will let you donate $5 and it is easy peasy, all you have to do is click on the button!!
Every single penny collected will be going to help those who need a little help this holiday.
I’m inviting you on my adventure with you in hopes that you can find it in your heart to donate, pray, and spread the word because there are A LOT of families out there that could use our help!


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