25 Days of Giving Link Up

Yesterday you all read my post about my project to do 25 days of giving
If not feel free to read it now.
 My goal is to have as many people join in my cause to help others ( family, friends, even strangers) by doing a random act of kindness each day.
Today I am writing to tell you all the details about how we can share our good deeds with each other, and come to one central location to read everyone’s posts. 
 Each Monday I will post about my random acts of kindness/ good deeds for the week before and you will have the opportunity to write your own post which you will be able to link up to my post. 
Think of it as a Linky Party of Goodness!
 Each one of you who participates will be helping me spread Christmas cheer, love, and kindness all over the country… maybe even the World if we keep spreading the word!!
 Also for those of you on Twitter and Instagram we can all follow along with the hashtag #25daysofgiving. 
There are no rules associated with this Linky Party I just please ask that you link up a post telling about a good deed you did for someone else. 
 I want to inspire you to be intentional for each of the next 25 days. 
 I want you to exhibit more kindheartedness, graciousness, and good will than you ever have in your whole entire lives.
I can tell you firsthand from someone who has stood exactly where you are standing now that some days this may require more courage, heart, grace, and mercy than you think you have. 
 Sometimes you may feel silly and even a bit crazy right before you act upon your good deed but trust me- GO FOR IT! 
The feelings you have right after you follow through with said good deed will blow all those other what if’s and insecurities right out of the water, I promise.
You will be so happy and thankful that you followed through and were able to be a blessing to someone else!
Okay get to spreading that goodness and come back to link up next Monday 🙂

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