Turkey’s turkey’s everywhere…

Turkey’s Turkey’s everywhere…at least that is what I am praying for.
Before you think I’m completely crazy let me explain…
Last night our local news did a story about the Bridgeton NJ Salvation Army.
You can view the segment here.
  Each year for Thanksgiving the Salvation Army provides turkey’s to families in need. 
 This year they are in need of nearly 500 turkeys and only have received 200 donations.  
This story, these families, and their need have been laid on my heart 
and I am feeling the need to help in a BIG way.  
300 more turkey’s are needed to fill their goal and feed all of the families signed up this year.
Hubby and I decided to put a call out to our friends and family via social media…
Twitter //  Facebook // Blogger, etc. 
We are asking for either monetary donations to purchase turkeys which will be dropped off to the location in Bridgeton or drop off a turkey to our house and we will drive them to the Salvation Army site!
Anything at all will help, even $1, or $5 🙂
 If you live out of town and would still like to donate feel free to donate via Paypal to my account directly surfby57 {at}yahoo {dot}com.
We’ve already had quite a few donations through Paypal from friends who live out of town!
 All monies received will go directly to helping out these families in need!
 We will be driving these turkey’s directly to the Salvation Army in Bridgeton on Monday morning to be distributed that afternoon! 
 Thank you and God Bless! 

One thought on “Turkey’s turkey’s everywhere…

  1. Finally found a blogger from NJ.
    I'm from NJ also.
    Almost all of the blogs I follow are from TX or AR. hah

    I'm looking forward to a Jersey girl !

    Only read a minute because it is late, so awesome all you are doing to help folks from Sandy.

    Love your dollar store story also.

    I'll be checking in on you.



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