Thanks to a Movie…

There has been some amazing things happening in our lives lately!
I am so excited to tell you about them.
Let’s get to it, shall we?
First off we enjoyed a great weekend that ended with church on Sunday and having a bunch of family over for lunch.
Our house was filled with laughter and love…and for me it doesn’t get much better than that!
Mr. Three and I picked up a movie to watch this weekend called Courageous.  
Take a peek here if you haven’t seen it.
It’s from the same people that created Fireproof which is also a great movie.
They are both great, wholesome movies.
Don’t get me wrong I love a good romance, chick-flick, or comedy but sometimes some of the scenes in the movies can be too much.
I love sitting down watching a movie knowing there isn’t going to be “F” bombs dropped every 5 minutes, or girls exploiting themselves, or people neglecting their children.
Courageous really struck a cord with hubby and I.
Honestly it was geared more towards fathers and what their duties are to their families, wives, and children as a Christian father.
But it also struck a chord with me, as a mom.
It made me realize that we don’t know how much time we have here.
We are never promised tomorrow so we need to make each day count.
Even if we are exhausted from working an 8 hour shift we still need to come home and be present in the lives of our children.
As in interactive, caring, listening, attentive, affectionate, forgiving, teaching, gracious.
All of those things I know I have been slacking on and hubby feels like he has too.
He couldn’t have said it better when he said last night that it is our duty to raise up our boys to be fine young men.
It is our responsibility to shape them into who we want them to be.
Men who are respectful, who know right from wrong, who care for others, who give, and who love.
Then even more miraculously and for the first time ever hubby and I picked up a bible together.
After sifting through and reading some passages we decided we are going to do a couples bible study together.
I would never in a million years have thought this would happen!
It has taken me 4 years to get my husband to attend church regularly with me and our 3 children.
I have prayed harder over this matter harder than you can possibly imagine, and finally I gave up.
Now 4 years later here we are and I couldn’t be more thankful.
About to embark on a couples bible study together to improve our lives and the lives of our children.
God is amazing!
How was your weekend? 

One thought on “Thanks to a Movie…

  1. Aw this made me tear up and I don't even know you! I love Courageous! I'm so glad y'all watched it, but I'm even happier that you and your hubby are growing together in God's grace. Ya'll are going to be so blessed by doing the couple's bible study! Be blessed 🙂


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