First Came Rain, Then Came Snow

Well if there isn’t a baby boom  9 months from now with babies named Sandy Nor’easter I would be really surprised.
Oh and this statistic does NOT include our family!
First we dealt with Hurricane Sandy.
The high winds, rain, and no electricity.
Last night we had a nor’easter that brought about 4 inches of heavy, wet snow and no electricity for 11+ hours.
2 different storms in a week and a half?
I was prepared for Sandy but not for the nor’easter.
Usually we get rain from nor’easters as we’re too close to the water, but last night that was not the case.
The snow just kept on comin’.
The only plus to having tons of snow is that it’s really cold outside and when we lost our electric I was able to put our milk, eggs, lunch meat, mayo, etc. outside in a cooler filled with snow to keep from going bad.
Great trick!!
We also ordered Chinese for dinner about an hour before the electric went out which meant we had to wave the delivery guy down in the pitch black with our flashlights 2 hours after we ordered the food!
Surprisingly the food was still warm when it got here and because we were so hungry it tasted like a steak dinner, yum!
We had dinner by flashlight while wearing our coats 🙂
Romantic, huh?
And today I’m cleaning up the remains of eating in the dark with a 4 and 6 year old…lots of crumbs!
The cold did creep in last night when we were sleeping and of course I was up every few hours making sure no kid came out of their cocoon we had made to keep them warm.
This morning I was very thankful that I woke up to feeling the warmth of heat coming out of our vents and the bathroom light on.
Our electric had come back!
Our kids are off from school for the next 5 days because of teacher conventions in our area and Veteran’s day so I’m hoping to keep them busy busy busy!
Mr. Three is outside with them right now playing in the snow…let’s see how long they last!
Well I guess that’s it for now.
Have a great day!


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