Just Call Me…

Oh hi there friends!
So I had a whole other post ready to go today but decided the timing just wan’t right soooo
Instead of posting another serious blog today I thought
Why not have some fun?!
 It always feels great to have some fun!!
So without further ado enjoy a fun post!!

Notice the title on this post?
Just call me…
Well that’s because today instead of going by my name I’m answering to any/all of the following:

Super Saver Sally
Frugal Fran
Prudent Polly
Thrifty Momma
Super Mom
Awesome Mom
Coupon Queen
Amazing Wife.
Seriously, take your pick!
Why you ask?
Because I purchased $211 worth of clothing from Children’s Place for  $31!!!!
Yes, you heard that right
$211 worth of brand new, brand name clothing for $31!
Okay, I’ll stop doing cartwheels in my living room now…
and giving myself pats on the back 😉
But seriously, how amazing?!
Today marks 2 months from the day of my Stroke on July 24
which also means 2 months out of work.
Our income has been cut nearly in half.
2 months of so many “I still can’ts…”
But I know, He always provides.
He will not let us go without.
I know to be still.
That everything will come in His timing.
This was just another one of those times where I walked out of the store smiling because He knew exactly what we needed, when we needed it.
Oh how good He is!
I’ve been trying to be as frugal as possible in every area of our spending and this was just the
 icing on the cake!  
{Now if only I could make that happen for my clothes}
When we got home I made Mr. Three take a picture of me with the receipt because it was just hysterical how long it was!
Seriously…it’s taller.than.me!
So, enjoy said picture below and have a happy Monday 🙂

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