I Believe

Sometimes we need to sit down and figure out who we are, where we come from, and what we believe in.  
Thanks to a new friend at Living in Yellow here is my list of I believe’s! 
I believe:
Listening to the sound of waves is the best form of therapy.
I believe in the Lord.
I believe that family is one of the strongest bonds you can have.
I believe that as we get older the quality of friendships means more than the quantity of friendships we have.
I believe that tomorrow is never promised.
I believe that everyone deserves a second chance.
I believe in first impressions.
I believe in the working mother.
I believe the past is in your past for a reason-leave it there.
I believe sand between my toes is better than any pedicure I could ever pay for.
I believe in spending as much time outside as possible.
I believe every road block we have exists for a reason, and it is our job to push through said road block.
I believe in helping others.
I believe in taking time for yourself.
I believe in Pumpkin Spice Coffee and infinity scarfs.
I believe in as much social interaction, clubs, and activities for our children as possible.
I believe in breastfeeding.
I believe in an unlimited date plan-too bad AT&T doesn’t feel the same!
I believe in schedules and routine.
I believe in accepting help from others.
I believe in serving others.
I believe in quiet time.

I believe in living debt-free.

I believe in ordering pizza on Friday’s.
I believe in man/golf/football/baseball time for guys just as much as I believe in mani/pedi/hair/coffee time for girls.
I believe in a great hoagie.
I believe in breakfast for dinner.
I believe in coupons, groupons, and saving as much money as possible!
I believe in having emergency savings.
I believe in teaching our children to serve, help, give and be respectful.
I believe in people watching.
I believe in trying new styles of clothes & makeup.
I believe in enjoying a glass of vino with my husband.
I believe in open communication.
What do you believe in?

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