I went to our local high school graduation to support our babysitter who is moving onto college *tear* this year and the saluditorian gave a speech based on the word YOLO
 Now let me break that down for you in case you are not sure what it stands for.  
YOLO stands for {you.only.live.once.}
 My first thought was these poor kids they are going to hold onto these words for the next few years to come and she is basing a speech on a lyric from a pop song!  
Given the recent events that have occurred in my life over the past few weeks my perspective on the word YOLO has changed.  
 So if your thinking, like I did, who couldn’t possibly write / talk about a word from a song {let alone an entire post!} feel free to hit that red x in the corner right about now…

For those of you who decided to stick around I think you will be pleased with what I have to say or at least I hope you will be!

I have decided //probably for the first time in my life// to live each and every day to its fullest.  
To not dwell on the small things.
Tomorrow is not promised.  
From the fields of wildflowers we pass while driving,
 to the beads of rain on our windows, 
to they way clean clothes smell coming out of the dryer
 we have to take every opportunity we have and appreciate it. 
 Even the little things.  
The big things too.  
It’s unfortunate that it took a life changing event for me to feel that way but at this point I.don’t.care.
I’m just glad // relieved that it did happen.
It was a dose of reality.
Some people go their entire lives without knowing how to appreciate the little things.
Like dancing in the rain,
letting your kids serve their own drink-even if it mean spills,
watching brothers exchange hugs instead of hits,
and getting in some extra snuggle time with the hub-ster!
Here’s to sleeping in for extra cuddles,
holding your kids hands long after they need to be held,
late night chats with my husband long after the kids have gone to sleep.
Here’s to a tomorrow that is not promised and the notion that You.Only.Live.Once
{source uknown}

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