My last post was about how I am okay with accepting help from others.  
Today that “okay” was challenged. 
And I was  
There are a few facts you should know about me before I continue:
1. I have been working since I was 14.
2. I have been living on my own / paying my own bills / completely independent since 17.
3. I am not one to openly admit when I need help or ask for it. EVER
Having said that and also the fact that {I am super grateful that we DO have the support around us right now} I have to admit that I am not 100% comfortable accepting help in any form.  
I know that we can’t do everything on our own…
Though I still feel like I should be able to.
But for some reason I still feel inadequate when there is someone else helping with something I think I should be doing.  
I feel defeated…like a fraud. 
 I know that the reason we have family / friends / a church family
is to help when we need it but I feel like I should be able to handle everything, all the time.
Then a thought occured to me…maybe others feel this way?  
Am I crazy? Do you like accepting help from others? Is it just me?   
After all was said and done today I realized one thing.  
I am growing. 
I might not be comfortable asking for help or admitting when I need it but at least I am asking for it.  
A few years or months ago the thought would never have crossed my mind to even ask for help.  
Today I am accepting it from all areas. 
 I am growing and that is what life is all about. 
 Life is about stepping out of our comfort zone so we can grow as an individual, as a Mom, as a family.. 
and that is a wonderful thing 🙂

One thought on “Growing

  1. I totally know what you mean…BUT when something happens to someone, don't you always think, what can I do for them to show I care? Just consider the help lots of hugs & smooches from your awesome family! Be ready to pay it forward when you can!


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